Personal Narrative: My Indiana Pop Culture

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I told my dad that we should hop in the car at five am. My dad thought it was quite early, and my dad went along with it. Little that we knew, that this choice would change my whole entire experience at Indy Pop Con. An Indiana pop culture convention. This was going to be my first convention ever and I was going to meet my idols there. I was so excited the night before, I couldn't sleep! We were only going for one day, but that wasn't going to stop me from having the greatest day of my life! I hopped into the car with my day and we drove off. A little bit later than expected, but I thought that it was okay. It was a beautiful Summer day of 2015. I could hear the loud birds chirping as we drove away in the dark, morning light. It was little…show more content…
My heart was thumping. I was now in the same city as them. My two favorite video game commentators. One is named Mark and one is named Jack. The first one has a deep voice and is half-Korean, the other one is has a very loud voice and is Irish. A couple of their other friends who are also video game commentators were there as well. They are both very kind. We parked inside the parking garage building and jumped out of the car. I skipped down the stairs with my dad and looked at the convention center when we walked out of the garage. It was so cool. They had a little statue out front and stairs leading up to the doors. I was slightly surprised from the fact that there were not many people going in the building.I walked in the building with my dad and wow. It looked just like expected. Mostly because I saw a picture of it online. I was now in the same building as them. We followed some cosplayers around until we got to the main floor. There were so many people. We got in the line to hand in our tickets. How were there so many people there already? We were only an hour late out of the eight hours we could've gotten there. After handing in our tickets, we looked around for a little bit. I saw a sign that the line for meeting them, was full and we had to be put in waiting seats near the main

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