Personal Narrative: My Personal Identity

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Identity makes up who we are and how other perceive us. Most of the time who we are is different than who we are seen as. For the most part, people see me as quiet and introverted. However, once I trust a person enough, I tend to become more talkative and outgoing. I have a hard time expressing who I am to people who don't know me because of the risk that I may become vulnerable and possibly get hurt from it. Once I feel comfortable with a person or group, I am very loyal and supportive to them. Outside of my personal friendships my interests are what make up the rest of my life. After school hours consist of theater crew, my weekends are filled with softball practices and tournaments, and in my spare time I draw and paint. Not only do I play…show more content…
I pitched almost every game in my high school season and ended up tearing my labrum and frayed my bicep tendon. Recovery has been challenging but I'm slowly getting better. I owe my love of softball to my dad but I credit my love of theater to my aunt. When I was younger my aunt would take me to different plays and musicals. Though I never wanted to be in the spotlight I had wanted to still be apart of it. I first joined theater crew in eighth grade. Crew let me still be apart of the show without having everyone know I was there. However, I didn't fall in love with it until I joined it in high school. In high school we get to build and run everything by ourselves with limited help from adults, much different than it was like in middle school. It's nice to see how your work comes together without having to take credit for it. I have always loved art since I was a little kid. My favorite form of it is drawing and painting. Ever since I could remember I've been drawing and sketching what I've liked. Do to my other commitments, I don't have as much time as I'd like to
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