Abbi Glines: Until Friday Night

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Until Friday Night is my first Abbi Glines book and I will for sure come back for more. This book had my attention from beginning to end. Yes, there’s some things I don’t agree with, but that’s high school for you. Everyone is different, they are either party goers, or quiet, loner, smart, who doesn’t like to get in the party mix and that’s Maggie the heroine. Maggie went through a horrible event in her life, that she chose the best thing for her to do is never speak again. But everything change once she met high school jock Wes. Wes was good looking and who every girl wanted. He was tough looking from the outside, but Maggie knew that Wes was more than meets the eye. Maggie saw right through Wes and all she wanted to do was be that person

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