Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Mendacity Analysis

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Mendacity, otherwise known as the tendency to lie, is a battle that every human has to face. “Lying seems to be omnipresent in our daily life and sometimes unavoidable--or even necessary--in order to survive or to help others” (Rehbock, par.2). Tennessee Williams addresses the topic of mendacity in his play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof through various characters. For example, Brick lies to himself about his relationship with Skipper, and everybody lies to Big Daddy about the fact that he has terminal cancer. Throughout Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Tennessee Williams displays the theme that mendacity is a part of life and that everyone deals with mendacity in their own way. Some people choose to fake it like Big Daddy, others attempt to numb it with alcohol like Brick, and others deal with mendacity in other ways such as revenge.…show more content…
Big Daddy uses this strategy in the play. In his conversation with Brick, Big Daddy yells, “Ain’t that mendacity? Having to pretend stuff you don’t think or feel or have any idea of?” (110). He reveals the many ways that he has faked it over the years, acting like he loves Big Mama, pretending “to love that son of a bitch of a Gooper” (110). Mae, and their children, and also going to church even though it “bores the bejesus” (110). out of him. He claims that “there’s nothing else to live with except mendacity” (111). Many people use similar methods to face mendacity in modern day as well. In the song, “A Little Bit Stronger”, the artist sings, “got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face. I got a little bit stronger” (Evans). As she ignores the pain and pretends not to miss her former significant other, life gets easier just like it seems to get easier for Big Daddy to fake it as time goes

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