The Log Lady: Catherine Coulson's Death Of Cancer

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Catherine Coulson passes away at the age of 71. Entertainment Weekly, Sept. 28, 2015, reports that she died of cancer. Catherine Elizabeth Coulson was born on October 22, 1943 in Ashland, Oregon. She grew up in Southern California and began an acting career at the age of 15. In 1977, Catherine worked as David Lynch’s assistant director in the show Eraserhead. It was during this time, that she and David had an idea for another show and it would center on a woman who always carried a log with her. The Log Lady is probably Catherine’s best-remembered characters. The Log Lady was introduced in David’s TV series “Twin Peaks” in 1990. She appeared in at least 12 episodes of “Twin Peaks” and the Log Lady reappeared in the prequel, Twin Peaks: Fire

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