Personal Narrative: My First Basketball Team

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In the summer of 2012 I had finished my first basketball game in a tournament on a Saturday morning. The tournament was hosted at a gym facility in Columbus. iMy team had won the game by more than 10 points. I had gone to the tournament with Dwayne, my closest friend on the team, and his Dad. We left the facility filled with people and left to eat some food as a team. As we left the building there was an argument between two parents because one of the kids had executed a physical foul to the the parent’s child at the end of a blowout game. Dwayne’s dad broke up the argument that was leading up to a fist fight. We then entered the the car and left to the waffle house on North High Street. The team was at the Waffle House before we arrived.…show more content…
We had finally arrived the house. The house had a dark green color that had a fall season look to it and it had two levels: upstairs and basement. There was also a park very close to the home, about 30 yards away. “Y’all want to play some Xbox? I got 2k, Madden, and other stuff.” Jeremy said. Everyone said yes and we started playing NBA 2k. Everyone was very competitive, yelling and trash talking. I had lost to Mark but won against Dwayne and Jeremy. We later walked up to the park, which was less than a five minute walk, wanting to play…show more content…
We started a five on five game with them. Mark knew one of them from the neighborhood: Dame who was a junior in high school. Dame wasn’t a good role model to follow, but a lot of people respected him. We then began to play the game. We had a good start by a scoring some points without letting them score. After this great start, we had they started fouling. Jeremy was getting mad so he retaliated and began pushing back on the fouls. The next play Dame’s friend pushed Jeremy’s chest when he shot; Jeremy fell hard on his back. Jeremy got back up then sprinted back on defense and shoved Dame’s friend to the ground. Dame’s friend stood up and swung a punch at Jeremy. Jeremy never played Streetball and was always on the court with his dad so he didn’t know how to handle the situation. Mark came at Dame’s friend who hit Jeremy and tried to fight him, but Dwayne held him back. Dame got his friend and I got Jeremy. “You trying to start a brawl?!” Dame said profoundly. “No, your friend pushed Jeremy when he was shooting and Jeremy…” Mark said. “Whatever man; just leave with your friends and this never happened,”. We ran back up to Jeremy’s house and just talked about what happened at the park in Jeremy’s basement. We forget about the basketball game and rushed to the gym. We were a couple minutes late, but we made it to the game. We

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