Personal Narrative: My Field Instructor-Student Relationship

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I welcome any and all feedback on my learning and performance from my field instructor. That is the entire point of completing an internship and practicum, this is a learning experience and as students we need to learn and welcome any and all feedback provided. “Relationship competence is a critical learning objective for students aspiring to become clinical social workers, the field instructor-student relationship provides a rich resource for teaching and learning relationship theory and practice (Bogo, 1994 p.23). I encourage feedback from others as well including the co-workers I am shadowing, and even co-workers who can spot a need for improvement. This feedback will help me become a better social worker and will allow me to better serve…show more content…
I always ask for feedback from my peers after an assessment to ensure I am asking all of the right questions and that I am on the right track as far as a diagnosis or referral is concerned. My field instructor must review everything I do as it is under her name, and she will give me feedback on any oversight or something she may disagree with me about, at this time she informs me of what should be done and how I should do it the next time. Constructive criticism both positive and negative from a field instructor, peers, and coworkers are all helping to essentially develop you as a transitional leader. “The four components of authentic transformational leadership (idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration) are contrasted with their counterfeits in dissembling pseudo-transformational leadership on the basis of (1) the moral character of the leaders and their concerns for self and others; (2) the ethical values embedded in the leaders' vision, articulation, and program, which followers can embrace or reject; and (3) the morality of the processes of social ethical choices and action in which the leaders and followers engage and collectively pursue” (Howell, & Avolio,1993

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