Lieutenant General James Longstreet's Leadership During The American Civil War

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A true leader in heart would be an individual who conveys their appreciation, someone who is approachable and open to conversation, and a person that inherits a strong will to do what it takes to prevail whatever may come to stop them of what they may desire the most. As we look back into our great nation’s history, each and every soldier, a patriot who were once present during the American Civil War will always be praised and never forgotten. Many of these characteristics and leadership traits are common amongst those of the military ranks, most considerably the generals who appointed various regiments at hand through motivation and flamboyant quotes. Lieutenant General James Longstreet was one of many great leaders who were looked upon during…show more content…
After befriending another graduate, Ulysses S. Grant and assign to the 4th U.S infantry, Longstreet rendered distinguished service in some of the war’s most important battles including: Vera Cruz, Churubusco, and Chapultepec. He was recognized for his bravery and continued hiscareer in the Army, rising up through the ranks. Longstreet received praise for his ability to maintain his composure under fire and for the way he distributed inspiration among his troops. General Robert E. Lee overwatched Longstreet’s performance in battle and then granted him his trust, while appointing him as his senior military advisor. General Lee quoted Longstreet as his most trusted official, and dedicated right hand on multiple occasions. For example, the campaign of failed attempts to take Richmond, Lee wrote, “Longstreet was the staf in my right hand.” Longstreet himself was not only favored by his excellent performance in battle, but also for his ability to take into account the most vital aspects of war such as that of his extraordinary influence and well

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