Personal Narrative: Israel

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2:34 am I am in a bomb shelter surrounded by nervous peers. Adrenaline rushes through my veins and my heart beats out of my chest. Minutes earlier the rocket alarm sounded. This is not a drill. Fear runs through my body. Our counselors warned us about the possibility of rocket attacks but I never imagined I would find myself in this situation. One girl sits crying softly in the corner of the cold floor, she is trying to phone her mom, even though there is no cell service in the shelter. That night my mom calls me, “How is everything? Do you feel nervous?” She speaks with a shaky voice. I am nervous. My parents sent me to Israel a year ago for the summer to embrace my culture and religion. They did not know I would be visiting in a time of…show more content…
I’ve come to understand her point now that I was able to experience the constant pressures, alertness and awareness of living so close to danger. I was gifted a glimpse into a world that is far removed from my own, but one I care deeply about . It was a glimpse much greater than what my mother was comfortable with, for sure, but one that compels me to look outward now and try to understand what life is like in places less comfortable than my own. instead of the gift of Israel exposing its real life danger and fears, and teaching about coping. The possibility of danger is not exclusive to living in Israel, it can be possible anywhere. The dimension of Israeli life that I experienced was not on my itinerary when I arrived at JFK airport, and neither was the possibility of a changed outlook. Having this unusual experience gave me the stark realization that living a calm and comfortable life may not teach the same lessons or posses the same amount of importance as living in an always changing habitat. She is constantly reminding me that it is vital to live in the moment and appreciate where we are rather than focusing on the uncontrollable
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