Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Christian Home

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Growing up in a Christian home has not been the easiest, but I believe that it shaped me into the person I am today. My life was never “normal”, but as I grew up I understood that “normal” did not actually exist. Yes, I am a “preacher’s kid” and although I was born and raised differently, I will say that I am beyond thankful for my surroundings as a child. I was born in a Little island right below the country of Cuba called La Isla de La Juventud where my parents were already pastors for five years. My house was always set up beside a church and my schools were always private Christian schools. My first words were a bible verse and my best friends were kids I knew from church. With that being said, I was always surrounded by a Christian environment, everywhere I went I would fit in and I loved being able to be…show more content…
That is when my challenge began. My first day of school was a wreck, I did not know how to communicate with anyone, I had no one to talk to and I was naturally shy because “church” is all I knew. I cried every day when my parents dropped me off at my class, Mr. Gonzalez’s second grade class, but one day a Little girl named Rose came up to me and she actually knew Spanish. We became best Friends instantly and with her, came her Friends, and I was not so alone anymore. They never mentioned church or God. I, however, did not question it; I was scared and I did not want to lose my friends. Even though I still went to church, being Christian became a routine and not something I was actually proud of. I grew in the habit of never really speaking about God because I didn’t know how people would react. I speak for myself when I say that, most times I am super scared to talk about “Jesus things” because I feel like my friends either don’t care or simply don’t believe. As a teenager I began to envy the

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