Personal Narrative Experience: A Place To Visit To Mylapore

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We hadn’t planned a particular place to visit; six of us, we boarded a train from Indra Nagar Railway Station towards Mylapore in the early afternoon on Thursday. With normal heat in the city, three of us were standing on the train’s footboard to catch a glimpse of a chill wind, reminiscent of a sequence staring the actors in a film. It took me into the scenes, embracing and sharing a romantic dialogue, sharing a charming moment; Moreover, I was thrilled and deepened in a fantasy dream. I was in love with the scenes, lingering myself, remained appalled and hurly-burly fascinated by South Indian Films. In envy and revulsion, we travelled a couple of stations discussing our unplanned excursion A couple of minutes later, we arrived at Thirumalai station, I peeped into the platform and saw the policeman walking into the…show more content…
Even couldn’t ask fellows about that. A Policeman came in checking the passengers’ tickets. He directly came to me, asking for my ticket and Identity card. Unfortunately, my identity card wasn’t in my bag,’ what, identity card,’ I quickly checked my pocket, it seems empty, ‘oh crap! I started feeling jittery and nervous. In a way, my friends showed him ticket and convinced him that we were from the same college. I told them; why he was not checking others, who were also standing on the same, ‘what’s that’ ah’ prejudice...prejudice, every corners! The policeman told us to follow him to the Mylapore police station. As led, three of us, who was standing on the footboard walked into the office along with the other fellows. We were neither thugs nor gangster, what’s the point of us taking to the police station, I perceived, oh’ police personnel are most corrupted in India, thought that he might ask some money. It made me more convinced because I took few pennies. I was sure that we will request to consider since we are travelling for first time in the train but he didn’t let all of us into the

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