Personal Narrative: Eva's Divorce

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We drum impatiently on the steering wheel. It’s the first day of senior year for Eva, and the journey to school is as frustrating as always; a long line of traffic down the entire stretch of the road. Already this morning, we have gone through the motions of a typical day of school: hit the alarm at 5 am, then 6 am, then finally 6:50 am, brush teeth, grab breakfast, and go. After a summer at the Oregon Coast with her dad, Eva is certainly not excitedly anticipating another year at school. Luckily, we, her trusty two hands, will be by her side the entire time. As Eva’s hands, we’ve been through a lot of experiences. When she talks, we are waving in the air as she tries to describe something, or pointing down on the desk when she is trying…show more content…
One of these was her parent’s divorce. They had been high school sweethearts, but “they wanted different things in life. Like, my dad wanted to stay at the Coast because his job and his life are there, but my mom didn’t want to.” When she was younger, she had taken pride in the fact she didn’t really comprehend what having divorced parents was like, although many of her classmates had to go through going to one parent’s house on the weekend, and the other’s during the week. But she says, “it’s not that bad. And it’s not like they hate each other, like some people’s parents. They still talk and everything.” So Eva spends the week at her mom’s house, going to school, and on the weekend she drives down to the Oregon Coast to live at her dad’s house. Aside from her parents, Eva has two sisters, Olivia, who is nineteen, and Maria, who is sixteen. Although Eva gets along well with Olivia, this isn’t as true for her younger sister Maria. “I don’t really get along with her, “ Eva says. “She’s unique...and frustrating. She has a very materialistic personality. We definitely have different outlooks on life.” We think this says a lot about who Eva is as a person. While we’re very adept at maneuvering the buttons of her Xbox controller or scrolling through her phone, ultimately, Eva and us are happiest with different things in life: the feel of the stick shift, the

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