Manami And The Hunter-Personal Narrative

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It was a cold, snowing night when I awoke. I peered outside my teepee and sighed it seemed, had been snowing forever but it was only about three nights. I had hoped it would stop snowing so my tribe could hunt the animals. Hopefully the hunters could find a rabbit. I had been hoping he would get a new pair of moccasins, but with my tribe starting to starve and freeze it was almost a dream. He finally fell asleep once more. The next day, I woke up to the sound of cheering. My father, was a hunter and was healthy. That day, my dad left and went on a hunt. They recently saw a bear and were getting ready to follow it. A quarter of a day passed and I soon found myself wondering if they got killed. As if in response, my dad's stocky body was visible against the horizon. The hunters were broken hearted. They said that “they followed the bear’s tracks the tracks ended with a patch of bright, fresh blood. We dug in the snow and only found a morsel…show more content…
It was Manami. He was banished from the clan because he disobeyed spiritual taboos. He was trying to teach the clan a lesson. We heard footsteps closer. It was Manami walking closer because he heard the sound. He finally spotted us. He said “Come out, I won’t do you any harm.” We stepped into view. He gave a yelp of surprise and said “ Nukatika, is it really you!” We were friends until he was banished. I started to yell “Why did you give out the sacred animal. You have all of these and yet you force people against their will!” Manami had an ashamed look on his face. He started to reply but choked on his words. After a while, Manimi sighed and said “can you keep me a secret?” I said yes. He told me to come out of the cave and follow him. He led us through a pile of boulders and into a forest. Manami seemed as if he knew where we were going, though I could not tell. The trail led us to the forest in the back of the tribe. Manami explained that this was the way that he went to the clan, but took the cliff path to go

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