Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey To The World

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The sun shines strangely down here in the forest, nothing but pines and evergreens stand in front of me as beams of sunlight shine though the canopy of this forest. I’m limited to where I go by the convenient sounds of birds singing as I walk through the unsteady land in search of adventure; some of the mounds are solid ground, others are just clusters of moss. I could have taken the road that cuts through the centre of this forest, but I don’t like the easy way. Either way, I’ve been here for two hours so far with the constant sounds of wildlife, but something’s off now; it’s quiet. The lack of thick brush in this part of the forest is as much of a curse as it is a blessing, I can see predators, but they can see me. I don’t know if I prefer the edge of the forest I came from, or the thick of what I’m in now. If I were to keep advancing for a five-hundred meters, I’d reach the edge of this island. If I were to turn back, then it’s about seven-hundred meters back to the boring trashcan I call a hometown. I’d rather not get eaten, forget my ego and this little adventure; I’m going home and trying again later. The only problem is that coming back later means I have to get out of this grim forest first.…show more content…
But I can’t run, not just yet, how can I outrun anything without a head start? I scan my surroundings, the fifteen meters of clarity that surround me act as a double-edged sword: if I can see it, it can see me. This is where I paradoxically crave the light I see dotting the ground around me, but I know my blue backpack will only be highlighted by the sun in there; the shadows are my best bet out of hell. As I weigh my options I realize that I will need to sprint at some point, where I’d encounter something as sinister as a predator: the moss. Those little clusters of pure evil that only exist to trip

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