Essay On Great Society

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A Great Society is a society in which everyone who lives in it has equal opportunities for everything ranging from jobs to education to safe and comfortable living. Everyone in a great society has the same opportunities, whether or not they take advantage of those opportunities is their own choice. One area in which America could improve on is the education system. Children may be living 5 miles apart from each other and they may go to different schools and have a complete difference in the quality of education. Everyone deserves to be able to get the exact same education. Without equal education, those who want a little more education or a better education environment will have a harder time pursuing their dreams and passions. The education…show more content…
In other states such as California they have a minimum wage of 11 dollars. Most Americans would not be able to survive off of 400 dollars a week, but many citizens have to. I believe simply raising minimum wage will help people in America live a better more comfortable life. The changes in both of these problems will cause more people to want to be teachers and farmers and other important lower-paying careers, and it will make people with minimum wage jobs people will be able to become more effective parts of the society we live in today. The third problem that America faces that could be changed is the ability to get weapons ranging from a switchblade to an m16 to a hydrogen nail bomb that you bought from the guy across the street. I believe guns should only be owned by a specific few and those few have gone through countless classes and thorough training. In countries like France they do not allow their police to have guns on them, but here in America if guns were completely removed from officers, stores, and concerned citizens, people would still find a new weapon that is more deadly than a gun or a
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