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We had to leave our house for the high school around 8:45 to get in there before 9 which is when the bus leaves for Clarkston. When the bus got to Clarkston the first thing that we did is got all our stuff off the bus and put it on tarps under a tree. Then when the coaches had finished their meeting. Then we went and walked around the course. As we went people who had run the course before or one of the couches gave advice on what to do when running the course. It was a good cross country course. It had a really long downhill that was very gradual slope, which was very nice to run down because you could go a little faster than you would normally run and not be any more tired when you hit the end of the hill. But even though it was a nice course, there were some bad things about it!…show more content…
Then once we are done with our walk through of the course we head back to our stuff. For this race JV (boys and girls) races last. Which gives us quite a bit of time before we needed to start warm-up and get ready to run. Then the rest of the team went to do the cheer that the our team does for the start of all our the races. Then after the guy’s varsity race starts we spread out over the course to cheer them on. Then after they are near the end of the race we head back to the start/finish line to cheer as they finish. Then we start our warm-up jogging at a slow pace. We do laps around the start line till the girls varsity is about to start, then we do a team cheer and they start on the gun. Then we jog of and find shade to do our dynamic warm-ups and stretches. After we are done with stretches we do a five minute run at race pace near the start line and then we line up at the start line and do the team

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