Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift Analysis

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In the fall of 2014, Taylor Swift released her album 1989. The album was an immediate hit and was considered one of her best albums to date with fantastic reviews. As any album does, there are always songs that instantly become extremely popular with the public radio listeners, but the artist is often left with beautiful songs that don’t reach the full appreciation that the songs deserve. One of the most underrated songs of Swift’s 1989 album was “Wildest Dreams”. Upon first listen, the song seems to challenge the listener to have wild dreams. However, Swift desires to argue much more than the simple: dream big. Swift, through her powerful lyrics and creative music video, dramatically begs others to understand that love isn’t always mutual,…show more content…
She includes large symbolism to emphasize how passionate she is about this truth: at times, imagination can lead to uncanny disappointment that is difficult to handle. The chorus speaks volumes, “Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice, dress staring at the sunset, babe” (Swift, Lines 10-11). The character in the song wants to remembered and viewed as this beautiful figure that she desires to be. As the girl imagines herself in this unattainable way, she is setting herself up for a downfall. The music video expressively displays this ideal by dressing her in a flowing and gorgeous yellow dress. The color is extremely important because yellow represents the happiness and joy that the girl is yearning to be perceived as by the guy that she loves. However, this color is a muted yellow and almost downplays the vibrancy that is aspired to be achieved because it is presenting the reality that this dream is unattainable. The music video continues to display symbols through various things such as a heavy thunderstorm and exquisitely rare animals, like lions and giraffes. The dramatic rain represents the complicatedness and despair felt by the girl character while the crazy animals exemplify the rarity of extreme dreams created by the imagination that are so often defeated by real life (Swift,

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