Case Study: KARDAR LLC

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The Commercial Real Estate and Property Management industries have experienced a positive rebound during the past 5 years of recovery in most areas of U.S.A. The industries are expected to moderately grow over the next 5 years with buyers having the advantage of several properties being priced at much lower values, and the economy continuing to improve. As financial markets ease the leaning requirements to attract new investors, increased consumer spending is expected to generate market demands for commercial and residential real estate. The gap between owner occupied and rental normally fluctuates according to economic conditions related to employment growth affecting property values and private investment returns from rental revenues.…show more content…
The company has developed an alternative option from the traditional real estate affiliation for those in need of housing. The Company will offer single and multifamily residential properties using standard for-profit real estate services, which include renting, leasing, buying and selling of real estate properties. The company will buy properties at the lowest possible price, while managing and coordinating other services for properties in need of renovations or remodeling, ensuring compliance to the local city ordinances. Additional services will include property appraisals, homeownership consulting, and general contract services. The business concept is to match owner occupied and private rentals for community residents in need of assistance for housing due to housing expenditures to income ratio and experience being a challenge. Management and Operations: KARDAR LLC is owned by two partners with Karla Turner owning 51% and Darious Crawley owning 49%. Karla Turner has earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Wilmington University in New Castle Delaware and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Towson University in Towson

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