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Saudi Arabian Women’s Right in Shambles Bobbie Call Campus High School Imagine having to be accompanied by a male escort whenever you left the house, or if you had to escort a woman every time she had to run to the store for something as simple as a gallon of milk, difficult to think of right? This sad, real reality is normal to the women in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi women to have a male escort called a “mahram” every time they want to leave the house for anything at all. The women’s mahram is often a family member (brother, uncle, father, etc.) and those men can control a women’s life completely and if that man happens to be abusive or overly controlling? The Saudi government tends to be very, very bias in the Saudi men’s favor. Legally a…show more content…
These women’s lives are totally controlled by these male escorts, the men can even decide who the women are allowed to marry, what careers they can pursue, every aspect of their lives is being controlled by the men of Saudi Arabia. It’s 2015 and women are still being controlled, this is clearly a human rights violation. Why should the women of Saudi Arabia be required to have a “mahram” escort them outside of the home? One huge factor as to why a male escort is required at all is the culture of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian women are literally, as well as legally responsible for having a man with them at all times when outside of their home. If a lady does not have this male escort she better have a form of “permission” from her mahram to say she is allowed to be out without him for the time being, if that women does not she could face many legal consequences. “Saudi women need to be accompanied by a male guardian known as a 'mahram' whenever they leave the house. The guardian is often a male relative and will accompany women on all of their errands, including shopping trips and visits to the doctor” (Eleven things, 2015). Imagine being a physician and not

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