Personal Narrative Essay: Adrift: First Day Off-World

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Adrift Space was a living nightmare when you thought about it. An endless black expanse of void - and me in a tiny soup can that kept out the cold emptiness. These were the thoughts bouncing around in my head as I finished my twenty-first day off-planet. I was floating in a rusty old dinghy of a spaceship, propelled only by my initial momentum and my prayers that I’d make it to Proxima before my rations ran out. Cheery. The first month had been underscored with emotion. Relief, at first, for the successful escape, that calm quickly exiting pursued by grief at the idea that I’d likely be executed upon my return. Grief didn’t stand a chance against fear, though, when that came knocking. Loneliness made a brief appearance, and then settled…show more content…
“Hello Ship ARKE-143, you are approaching a detonation zone. For your health and safety, please turn back and proceed until you are a minimum distance of 0.25 parsecs from the coordinates of this transmission. I am happy to answer any questions you may have,” I take a minute to process the request, heart skipping a beat when I realize that I don’t actually have the ability to divert my course. Then skipping a full three beats when I register the words “detonation zone”. These zones were based on the theory that with the infinity of storage available in space, excess ships could be safely exploded, their parts quickly pulled into the orbit of a nearby uninhabited planet and no need for junk to build up on valuable living space. “This is ARKE-143, captain speaking, what in God’s name are you detonating out here?” “Hello, captain. We are currently detonating passenger ships recalled from the Proxima colony.” Unease pricks at my chest “Why?” I manage to croak out. “These ships have become obsolete. Earth is sending improved models to the colony.” The unease turns to cold, knowing dread and I slam a fist down on the control

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