Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience At Camp Half Blood

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So, I just arrived at Camp Half Blood and I was hurting really bad. And all that I remember is someone telling me your mom is a goddess. And I told myself I was going to go to sleep until the next day, ok I arrived at Camp Half Blood yesterday and I was hurting really really bad but I feel alot better than when I arrived yesterday. And my partner that sleeps above me in the bunk bed said to another person ‘’are you ready for the capture the flag game Friday?’’ And so I panicked it was Wednesday and the capture the flag was Friday, that I had no clue about. So I thought to myself I needed someone to train me how to use a sword, and to fight. So I was walking around the camp seeing what it looked like, and then I seen a sign that read Sword training with some directions at the bottom, so I was going to the Sword training arrina and for some reason I was the only person there.…show more content…
And luckily the trainer did not see it. And then another person came in the training arena and I was very very jealous for some reason it feeled like someone hit me in the heart. And the guy that came in was just asking were the dinner was, and then I felt a lot better it was like I was very jealous or something. And so when I got done with my training I was very good with my sword. ANd then I practiced some more until it was Friday. It is finally Friday and I am ready for the capture the flag game. When I got there everyone was calling me rookie, and it made me sad but I told them just wait until the game starts we will see who is the rookie. And when the game started I was doing really good. But when I saw someone stabbing a animal I was running fast as I could and I got the guy to the ground until he tapped out and when I looked over to see if the animal was ok it was dead and so I got the animal, and went to the corner of the game field and burred the animal I thought wow I really do care about

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