Descriptive Essay About Chocolates

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It has been over a month since I last saw Vincent. My parents have grounded me and have not allowed me to see Vincent ever since that day. They have started to care more about my children and don’t seem as angry as they previously did. The reaction from the students wasn’t as bad as I expected to be after winter break. Probably because Vincent faced the worst of it all. Katelyn seemed to act as per normal and was as cheerful as ever. She told me about how Vincent barged into Steven’s house and caused a commotion before he left on Christmas. Steven and Katelyn seem to be getting along quite well but they have yet to talk about their future together. When I told her about how Vincent had proposed to me, Katelyn squealed and was jumping around like crazy. She asked me, “Why did…show more content…
Let’s go out for a nice lunch,” she said as she locked the gate before leaving with me. 20 minutes later… “Is this what you meant by a nice lunch?” I asked her again. I should have known. My mother was always a fan of chocolates. I stared at the chocolate donuts and cakes piled in front of me. Usually, I don’t eat chocolates that much but for some reason, I was hungry for chocolates today. “I became a fan of sweets after I conceived you. So I thought maybe you would appreciate some chocolates now that you are going to be a mother of not one, but two,” she said as she bit into her donuts. “Mm… Delicious as ever,” she said. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” I asked her as I tore a small piece of the donut and swallowed it. “About Vincent. Do you want to marry him only because you are bearing his child?” she asked me. “Of course not. if I truly did not love him, I never would have even introduced him to you and father,” I said. “Good to know. Does he feel the same way as you?” she asked me. “Yes,” I said firmly, without a doubt. “You do know that we love you, right?” she asked me. “Yes… Where is this boring conversation going?” I asked

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