Personal Narrative: Dragon

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ITS A D..D..DRAGON!!!! And you thought dragons didn’t exist … one day i was walking on the beach when i saw a cave and something shiny caught my eye i looked around to see if anyone was around i didn’t see anyone i looked at my watch 3:05pm i have time before it gets dark i looked up and seen that it was a little cloudy and felt a little bit of rain i thought to myself that i’ll be safe in the cave so i pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight and walked inside i still seen the glowing of the thing that caught my eye and thought to myself i wonder what it is i finally got to it and when i looked down i said oh it’s a rock so i thought i picked it up and stuck it in my pocket and i looked outside it was raining a little…show more content…
beep beep beep beep.. i looked at he clock groggily and turned it off i rubbed my eyes and sat up and stretched i walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face i looked down at the bucket and noticed that the rock grew but it was broke in half and i looked in the bathtub and jumped a little i seen and..d..dragon i walked towards it it woke up and started staring at me i stared back at it i stuck out my hand to it it smelled my hand and nuzzled my hand i started to pet it thinking to myself it feels so slimey i picked it up and raped it in a towel and walked out of the bathroom my mom was standing right there hi mom she said hi and looked at the towel she asked whats that and i lied and said its a project for school i was just cleaning it up she said ok may i see it i said uhhh no its not done yet she said ok but you should show me when your done i said ok and walked to my room and i turned around as i closed the door i set the dragon down as i slowly took off the towel and it stared at me and its tummy growled i giggled you must be hungry you stay right here ill get you some food i ran down stares and grabed 3 appels and i ran back up stares realizeing i left the door opened before i left i ran in the room i droped the apples on the bed i looked under the bed and behind the dresser i started freaking out i went and looked in the bathroom still no sign of it i looked in my brothers room,the liveing room,and the

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