A Raccoon Research Paper

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Over the years, I have experienced many different events. These aforementioned events have taught me many things about myself. Even though not all of these events present a particularly exciting story, they can reveal various unknown parts of me. These three stories all have their own different causes and resolutions, and all thankfully resulted in a positive outcome. The three stories describe my tales about discovering a raccoon, finding my dog, and learning scheduling. One day, when bringing the garbage out to our outdoor garbage can as part of my morning chores, I encountered a raccoon inside the container. This greatly surprised me and sent me running inside in fear, although the raccoon did not attempt to attack me. However, once I arrived in the house, I informed my parents and patiently waited for Animal Control to arrive. Once the authorities had arrived, I told them about what happened, and watched as they examined the can and released the raccoon. Thankfully, the raccoon did not respond aggressively, and left once the police opened the container and put on its side. Although the raccoon scared me…show more content…
Like the time with the raccoon, the news greatly shocked me and caused me to hurriedly rush outside to go find him. Thankfully, I quickly located Skippy. However, unfortunately, the dog did not wish to come close enough for me to catch him, and stayed at a distance that required for me to climb the fence. After a short time, I recovered him and sent him back into the yard. After this, in order to ensure that Skippy would not escape again, I analyzed the fence and found various escape routes that he could exit through. I made sure to block up these exits so I could ensure that the dog could not run away again, potentially putting himself in danger. After a negative event happens, I make sure to stop anything that caused the problem, in order to avoid repeat

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