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Kim Munford is a director at Waterfall Canyon Academy (boarding school for teens) who has the responsibility of hiring on new staff. The turnover rate there is exceedingly high, consequently she is experienced in reviewing resumes and holding interviews. The following paragraphs will discuss Kim's response to a) what's looked for on a resume, b) desired candidate qualities, c) recommendations for interviews, d) interview turn offs. Resume. Kim Munford explained that the first and foremost information she looks for on a resume is the applicants past experience in the field in which they're applying. However, Kim went on to mention that no experience doesn't necessarily disqualify the applicant. She says she will look through the resume to…show more content…
There are many important qualities that are looked for in future employees, but being humble was at the top of the list. When the applicant is asked of their weaknesses or past mistakes, it's preferred they answer truthfully, even if it doesn't glorify them. In addition to being humble, a strong yet calm voice is a positive quality compared to being quiet with an anxious voice tone. While speaking with a strong voice, it is best to keep eye contact with the interviewer. Interview recommendations. When asked "what would you recommend to a college graduate preparing for an interview?", Kim reiterated the importance of being humble. Also, when it comes to appearance, it's always better to be clean cut and cover up any tattoos if necessary for the interview. She also recommends rehearsing the interview with a friend and having several people review their resume and give feedback. Interview turn-offs. Bad odor or breathe is an instant turn off when going in for an interview. It comes across as unprofessional and as if you can't take care of your self. Confidence is a good trait to have, but over confidence is unattractive, especially in an interview when you are leaving a first impression. While leaving your first impression, you want to leave the best impression possible. A good start to doing so is by answering all of the interviewers questions directly and not trying to avoid them or giving the dreaded "I don't know"

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