Comparing Zabibi And Alafdhal

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The protagonist Conan is traveling through a town named Zamboula. He decides to reside in Aram Baksh’s house, of which he was earlier warned of and with good reason because while Conan is sleeping a cannibal entered his supposedly safely locked room as Aram had reassured him earlier. Conan proceeds to slaughter the cannibal and confront Aram of his disgust that he is selling the human flesh of lone travelers staying at his house. On his way there, he witnesses a group of cannibals chasing after a naked woman and he saves her. The woman, Zabibi, gives him a suggestive offer to aid her in finding her crazy lover. He succeeds only to find Zabibi wanting revenge on the evil priest Tortasmek who had given her a potion resulting in Alafdhal (her

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