Vark Analysis Of Author's Learning Style

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Abstract Learning style is defined as the unique approach or preferential way of an individual to acquire knowledge based on his/her strengths, weakness, and preferences. Neil Fleming’s model of student learning assessment tool “VARK – (Visual, Aural, Read/write, and Kinesthetic)”, describes and categorizes different learning styles. Upon completing the VARK questionnaire, the participant’s leaning style is identified based on the score in each modalities. This will help to identify the individual’s best learning style and to understand other learning strategies the individual can adopt to learn best. Author’s Learning Profile using VARK model: A report on Author’s VARK analysis. This is a report on author’s preferred learning style and comparison of other learning strategies identified. The purpose of this report is to profile author’s learning preferences, and assess the influence of the awareness of learning attributes, in helping her teaching or leaning viewpoints. Summary of Author’s VARK result and Learning Style After…show more content…
The awareness of the learning abilities and preferences concerning their students as well as their own learning mode, can prompt the teachers to realize how effective heir teaching delivery methods would be in meeting the needs of the students. The awareness of existence of difference in learning and teaching, can prompt for making necessary process changes to teaching as well as learning. As an example if a new batch of students has a majority of visual learning preferences, the teaching staff could provide more visual aids like charts, graphs, power point presentations etc., in the teaching materials. Teachers’ awareness of learners’ preference, can have a great influence in flexibility in teaching style. In that aspect VARK can provide an insight to the teachers, how their students will learn

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