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You mentioned in your first reply to me that you are genuinely open to a different perspective. That was why I thought it might be worthwhile to give you a second message. Most people prefer to have others with nearly all similar views etc. That is a part of human nature and its tendency to prefer laziness or having it easy. I do know from experience that my views on many things are very different to most people. Maybe you are not ready for it or maybe you don't realize what you are asking for. As an example, you basically wrote the meaning of "so what" to my mention that my belief that Life is Precious is different to Life is Sh***. Saying "so" to it shows disrespect and the opposite of wanting to learn from a different point of view. A person who…show more content…
But I'm not a socially inept person (the "geek" in American slang). So, people who become my friends and/or pen pals actually are amazed (to use another common American word) because I am a very unique person who enriches other people's lives. Maybe the saying "one in a million" or "once in a generation" might apply. Now, I don't want to be taken advantage of, abused, or disrespected for the very qualities that some people say they hunger for. I did not mention in my last message to you that your definition of "gentle" strangely referred to you being "somewhat thick skinned" and not to how you relate to other people. Gentleness is a concept that has to do with its relative quality in regard to something else. So, you didn't convince me that "gentle" and "American" belongs in the same sentence. In fact, I was so worried and conflicted with guilt about you, that I've actually consulted an American friend about you. I have not given any identifying informaton. I wanted to confirm or disconfirm if my experienced ability to weed people out when it comes to you has been colored by my bad experiences with some

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