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Persephone is the goddess of purity and acceptance, she is also the only daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She was a virgin who had a love for nature, being the daughter of Demeter and all. When she was out picking flowers on a plain in Sicily, Hades spotted her. He was so intrigued by her beauty that he snatched her and forced her to the Underworld. The kidnapping happened so quickly that no one saw it occur. Even though Persephone called out to her friends and mother, no one heard her. She was the first living guest to enter the Underworld and soon after arriving, Hades made her queen. By turning her into the feared goddess of the Underworld, Hades stole her innocence and virginity. Demeter came to collect Persephone after a day of flower picking, but could not…show more content…
She destroyed lands, crops, and livestock as she mourned the loss of her daughter. She threatened to make the earth barren forever and thus destroy all of humankind if she did not find Persephone. Zeus tried to convince Demeter that Hades was not completely unfit for Persephone, but he failed. Demeter refused to accept Hades as a suitable mate for her precious daughter. Enraged by the news of Persephone's abduction, she refused to return to Mount Olympus. Instead she roamed the earth, forbidding the trees to bear fruit and the earth to nurture vegetables and herbs. After a full year of famine had plagued the earth, Zeus realized that if he allowed Demeter to continue, all of humankind would starve. Zeus sent a parade of gods and goddesses to Demeter to beg her to come back to Olympus and to restore fertility to the earth. But Demeter refused to budge until her daughter stood by her side. Zeus had no choice. He relented, promising to bring Persephone back to her mother. To do this Persephone couldn’t eat in the Underworld. Hades treated her kindly, kind enough for her to lose her head for a second. She ate a single pomegranate seed, so she could not be completely freed from the

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