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Odysseus as an Epic Hero Contrary to popular belief, the hero featured in Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus does not fit the description of an epic hero. Odysseus is one of the many soldiers who was sent to fight in the Trojan war. The tale of Odysseus and his fabled Trojan horse is featured in The Illiad. The Odyssey is the tale of the aftermath of the grueling, 10 year Trojan War. It is the story of how Odysseus and his men travel on a long journey to return home to Ithaca. Odysseus is not only not an epic hero but he also displays traits that are quite the opposite of the standard for epic heroes. How can one be a hero without having the courage to stand against adversity? Odysseus’ perceived courage was most often arrogance, stupidity, or simply inevitability. Some say it was bravery that caused Odysseus to taunt Polyphemus after escaping from his island. I say it was arrogance and stupidity. No one but a cocky fool would taunt this beast who has slaughtered many men. And only an absolute idiot or an…show more content…
While his poor wife Penelope was grieving at home wishing above all else that Odysseus was alive he was off sleeping with Calypso (p. 1040). Penelope was trying her hardest to stay strong and be a good host to the suitors even when she did not want to believe that Odysseus was dead but that scoundrel went ahead and betrayed her trust. He did not simply betray his wife, his son, Telemachus, whom had never seen his father, was out exploring the world searching for his father. Odysseus betrayed his own crew’s trust on their long journey home. He completely failed to mention that Scylla was waiting overhead poised to strike and devour six men. He left them completely unprepared while keeping himself in a spot where he would not be one of the men to be eaten (p. 1066). Even through all of these faults some may say that Odysseus still is an epic

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