Patrick William O Neal: A Short Story

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A sports car is speeding towards the interstate as the boy suddenly awakes from a long slumber. The boy awakes with fear creeping up his spine sending a wave of anxiety crashing around his body; The boy can not remember a single detail of his life as if it had all just been erased from his mind in a single instant. The boy had a million questions rattling around in his head and he needed to find the answers to all of them; But then, just as if the man in the drivers seat was reading his mind he said, “Your name is Patrick William O’Neal.” “Patrick”, he whispered under his breath trying to trigger some sort of memory, but it proved futile for the young boy. Patrick gazed up at the man for the first time, and from the millisecond that he gazed into his eyes Patrick knew he had seen…show more content…
The boy felt all the wounds that he had sustained from the crash almost immediately, but he also felt them healing at an incredible rate. The boy felt a huge gash running down the right-hand-side of his face, and the break in is arm. He pushed himself up from off of the floor from which he lay and immediately checked to see how the man in the drivers seat had sustained any injuries. He quickly saw the grim expression on the mans face as the drivers wounds were worst then Patrick had anticipated, the boy tried to help but quickly realized that their was nothing the boy could do. As the boy looked in horror at the man, he notices the man was grasping his own wallet in hand almost in a presenting fashion. The boy quickly grasps the wallet and immediately notices the drivers license. He thought to himself “I at least need to know the man’s name.” The boys eyes immediately fixed on the last name of the man, he could hardly believe what he saw. The man’s last name was

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