California's Bullet Train Summary

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In the article “California's bullet train: We owe it to our grandchildren to get this right,” Ted Rall, an editorial cartoonist whose work is featured weekly in the Los Angeles Times, argues that the high speed railway system, also called the Bullet Train is a great mass transit system. Before the invention of the Bullet Train, people used cars, train and airplane to travel to their destinations. In these times, we, as a society, produced enough carbon dioxide to destroy the environment. In addition, the use of cars everyday, everywhere, every time has caused society to lose time, stationed in terrible traffic. Furthermore, Ted Rall points out the benefits of the Bullet Train, which include saving time, money, and most importantly, the environment. Moreover, he gave examples of Bullet Train routes, which often travel from Los Angeles to Merced. Society needs to take advantage of this system as it takes off in the world of transportation. In addition, Ted Rall points out that people should know the bullet…show more content…
In addition to that, a train will reduce traffic. For example, one of my co-workers, recently graduated from Sacramento State University and got a job working in San Francisco. However, he cannot afford to live in the Bay Area. Given his situation, he decided to live in San Jose and take the train to work, everyday. Based on his plan of action, he will be able to save at least $5000 in fuel. It also helps him avoid the horrible morning traffic. However, a trip from San Jose to San Francisco will take him two hours each time. So many people nowaday are using the train to save their own money and time, especially the people from the city. Instead of driving their own car to work, wasting money on gases, and the parking permit. They choose to take the bullet train, a faster, cheaper form of transportation. California should think about something that is faster for their own

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