Paragraph On Thanksgiving

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There I was looking at my mom with a sickly face and I say “Mom, I don’t feel so good,” by the look on her face I knew then and there that she saw exactly how I felt. In the thanksgiving of ‘09 my family, including Grandma Diane, Grandpa Larry, Chris, Meghan, GG, and my parents, all converged in my aunt Gina’s Seattle house, a three story house of wonders for a eight year old boy like myself. There was the mysterious third floor that only Chris and GG were allowed on. Sometimes I would sneak upstairs to give a peek. All I learned from the casual peeks were that floor was meant for sleeping. The basement was opened for all, but really it was meant for the men. It had all the features of a traditional man cave; a huge T.V, giant speaker system, and lastly the biggest couch in the world. were all there. After the thanksgiving dinner Chris, my dad, and Grandpa Larry would go downstairs for…show more content…
As a solution our grandpa tried to entertain us with a walk in downtown Seattle. Downtown Seattle is made out of hills, it’s a mountain. The only way grandpa could get me up the hill was with a bribe and he knew it. Grandpa came prepared, there was a cupcake shop at the top of the hill where we both could get a cupcake. As we neared the top of the hill I could taste the cupcake, a chocolaty fluffy dough with just enough frosting to make you want another bite. Then we got to the shop and we got our cupcakes, mine was a chocolate batter with chocolate frosting and a couple chocolate sprinkles. Then to my dismay grandpa says “You two have to wait till we make it back home.” So my sister and I got our cupcakes packaged up in these beautiful pink boxes. The walk home was probably worse than the walk up, those cupcakes were staring at us with eyes of a wise old dragon and us at them. These cupcakes were heaven on earth. I should have known then they were too good to be

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