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Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I am a definitely a Packer fan. Naturally, I surround myself with other Packer fans, like friends and family, and we meet for game day. In the photograph, my friends and family, all dressed in green and gold, huddle in a pack to cheer on the Pack. This picture captures a typical game day as a Packer fan and demonstrates my culture and subculture to which I fit based on specific values I have and norms I follow as a Packer fan. The United States is one of the few places that enjoy and celebrate the game of football. This sport, seemingly popular only in America, is part of our culture. The fans that root for specific teams exist in a subculture of this football loving culture. Different fans are known for different behaviors, actions, and, typically, their geographic locations. Some fans of specific teams are known to be violent, others to be drunks, some to be uncaring of their usually losing team but enjoy watching the sport, and others to be die-hard. My friends and family fit into the subculture of Green Bay Packer fans, and from what I know, people think of us to be an extremist group of cheese eating drunks who really love their team and football. Packer fans dress up in green and gold gear, crack open a beer, and watch the game in large groups at either a bar or at home with a lot of traditional…show more content…
For example, winning is seen as a good thing. What distinguishes this cultural value into a subculture value is that it is not just about one team winning, it is about our team winning. Each set of fans is specific to a subculture of the entire football loving culture. Many football fans often find value in watching the game with others, being excited for your team, and being prideful of the team you cheer for. One value specific to Packer fans is when watching games between the Chicago Bears and any other team, you never cheer for the

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