Rameck Hunk's The Pact

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While we are playing computer games and talking about beautiful dresses, do we ever think there are some people are struggling about the cruel reality, and hesitate to get touch with the normal life, that we living in? They have more difficulties to become succeed than we do, because of the environment that are living in, family struggles, and financial problems. But there are three boys did it. The Pact, is a book that introduced the true story behind their success. The three boys are Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunk, who wrote this book to show readers life is not always the way you want it to be; that’s why there are many struggles, hesitations, and temptations, which lead us to the opposite direction. But his acceptance…show more content…
George Jenkins, who is one of three authors and characters of The Pact, his acceptance made him started his new life, and led him to the path toward the road to success. Back to his childhood, went a college was never a choice for him; he was surrounded by a bad neighborhood and stuck with his financial problems. He had so much struggles and temptations kept him away from the normal life that we have. But that all had changed when he attended a presentation by a recruiter from Seton Hall University, who introduced the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Plus Program. It is a program that helped to provides a lot of assistance to assist students who from low income families financially and mentally, to make sure they have the same ability as other students to succeed in college. “Free college. Free tutoring. Help getting into dental school. This is it! This is the way to do what I’ve always wanted to do” (71). That was the first thing that popped out from George’s head when he heard the program. He was always interesting in became a doctor, but he never really thought he could make it. The opportunity that the recruiter introduced made him begun to picture himself as a doctor, he accepted the opportunity when it came. His acceptance made him to stepped on a new path toward his dream, that was the turning point in George’s…show more content…
One of the temptations that almost made him to gave up the dream of became a doctor. All the stories had begun on a Friday night when a video company called Fun Flicks came over to his school. They offered a chance to make a music video for free; all George and his friends were hooked up by that. The boys were obsessive about raps. That music video seemed too got their full attention; they even formed a rap group called Another Rough Tribe. George had changed his mind for his future goal, and he wanted to become a real rapper. They spent a large amount of time and even 500 dollars, which was donated by Sam, even he knew he could never got his money back, but Sam still wanted to support their dream. They started to came up with their own raps, recorded them by themselves, and sent out to many different companies. But the time to make a final decision had came; George quitted. Not only because not even one company did reply them back, but also that was their last year in college, which required many works to be done and kept study depth in their class. I was so admired George that he could understand his situation and chose a best choice for himself. He didn’t put himself into another dream completely. He knew who he wanted to be, there are so much temptations in his life, he

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