Character Analysis Of Hillary Greene

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Hillary Greene is the lead character in the DI Hillary Greene series of novel by British crime mystery thriller author Faith Martin. Similar to her other popular works such as the Inspector Morse series, Hillary Greene is a homicide detective working the northern villages and towns of Oxford shire that has recently experienced an increase in murder cases. She holds the ranks of detective inspector with the Thames Valley Police. DI Hillary Greene is first introduced in the first novel of the series – A Narrow Escape, in which she is described as living in a narrow boat, hence the titles of the novels. Thanks to her late husband, she finds herself under police investigation for corruption that threatens to end her career if she is found guilty. An expert at solving the most complex cases that have gone cold or have virtually no leads, Greene’s biggest problem is that she seems to always clash with her superior officers. Hillary has to deal with some of the meanest bosses that either have dodgy criminal backgrounds or just plain do not like…show more content…
As is the norm whenever a student dies in similar circumstances, everybody assumes the she has died of an accidental overdose. However, Detective Inspector Hillary Greene believes there is more to this murder than meets the eye and begins to investigate. Uncovering some interesting aspects of the life of the exchange student makes her even more certain that what had been taken as an overdose could in fact be a murder. It is soon established that the murdered exchange student had led a very interesting life that could have exposed him to some very dangerous people. Putting all the resources of the police to work, she establishes the cause of death of her victim, and finds herself the lead detective in one of the most high profile cases the department has ever

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