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Operation Barbarossa was a codename that Nazi Germany had. This code name was the name of their planned attack on the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a state that existed in Eurasia between 1922 and 1991. It was a single-party state that was governed by the communist party. The attack took place during World War 2. The attack itself started on June 22 of 1941. The attack on the Soviet Union was given by Adolf Hitler. The reason that he attacked the Soviet Union was because he wanted their territory, that way he could essentially extend his rule making him that much powerful. Before Hitler decided to attack the Soviet Union he actually had a pact with the Soviet Union. The two countries had political and economic pacts, but they obviously…show more content…
Germany started the attack with the bombing of major cities in Soviet-occupied Poland and an artillery barrage on Red Army defenses on the entire front. The news of the invasion was broadcasted at noon to the population. The After the Germans carried out their attack they were able to beat some of the Soviet Union’s forces. They had many victories and they were able to gain some of the most important economic areas of the Soviet Union. Most of the economic and political areas that they took over were mainly in Ukraine. Even though Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union was a successes, to some extent, Germany still sustained heavy casualties. Despite these successes, the German offensive stalled on the outskirts of Moscow and then they were pushed back by a Soviet counter offensive without taking the city. The Red Army repelled the Wehrmacht's strongest blow and forced Germany into a war of attrition, which it was unprepared for. Since operation Barbarossa failed, it led Hitler to demand for further operations inside the USSR. Hitler set up new operations like Operation Nordlicht and Operation Blue. Operation Blue was directed towards the oil fields of Baku. The Germans were able to conquer a good amount of the Soviet territory, but they weren’t able to meet their main goal because they were defeated at Stalingrad. Ann Blair, who is a history professor at Harvard, says ¨The thing was that the Soviet’s war economy was

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