One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: An Analysis

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"I thought for a minute there I saw her whipped. Maybe I did. But I see now that it don't make any difference. One by one the patients are sneaking looks at her to see how she's taking the way McMurphy is dominating the meeting, and they see the same thing. She's too big to be beaten. She covers one whole side of the room like a Jap statue. There's no moving her and no help against her. She's lost a little battle here today, but it's a minor battle winning" (Kesey 113). As they are having a meeting, everyone likes what McMurphy is saying about a carnival and his dream, and it seems to make Big Nurse very angry because he is being disruptive, yet she doesn't want to show it. In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kesey the characters are mostly defined by their…show more content…
Three specific characters in this novel are Nurse Ratched aka Big Nurse, Randle McMurphy, and Billy Bibbit. Ken Kesey shows us that it doesn't matter what gender someone is, but authority and cooperation are a main key to have in this novel and life. Nurse Ratched is a woman, who is in charge of the Ward. She is a very masculine women, and hates her breasts because them make her more feminine. She manipulates people by finding their weaknesses to get in their head, and making different rules just to get the people in the Ward angry. McMurphy does things to make Big Nurse mad; he does not follow the rules and complains about the admission shower. "Please understand. I [Nurse Ratched] appreciate the way you've taken it upon yourself to orient with other patients on the ward, but everything in its own good time, Mr.McMurry. I'm sorry to interrupt you and Mr. Bromden, but you do not
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