Should Police Officers Be Held Criminally Liable Essay

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Explain in detail how police officers may be held criminally liable. Police officers are no different than regular citizens. They typically do have higher authority to have their duties, be carried out. Not to mention, the Constitution, does have limits to how significantly a police officer can enforce the law. Therefore, when a citizen is stopped and is questioned by a police officer in affiliation to a crime is very nerving to know and experience for anyone in that situation. As an outcome, if the officer is doing what he is supposed to be doing accordingly, there would be no infringement of the suspect’s rights. Not to mention, police would be unaffected from suit for performing their job adequately, but if they don’t and are unethical…show more content…
Therefore, invulnerability that is normal police to suspect communication, the individual wouldn’t be able to sue the police officer. Additionally, the Civil Rights come into being for police if they should happen to use willful conduct that would breach a person’s constitutional integrity (FindLaw, 2014). Give an example of a situation where officers may be criminally prosecuted for their misconduct. An example of a situation where an officer may be criminally prosecuted would be when an officer uses Excessive force. According to Peak (2009); “American society recognizes three legitimate and responsive forms of force: the right of self-defense, including the valid taking of another person’s life in order to protect oneself from harm; the power to control those for whom one is responsible; and the relatively unrestricted authority of police to use force as required” (p. 331). In addition, Police allegations have been the most popularized in communities; maybe it’s due to excessive forces which to the citizens could be inhuman, which would include injury in most cases being serious physical injury or even death. Whether, the police officer’s use reasonable force would depend on the situation at hand. If the officers had great motive or desire they are not controllable (FindLaw,

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