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Symptoms of Heart Disease Heart disease affects millions of people every year, both men and women and can cause some very dangerous and life threatening consequences. Some of the common symptoms of heart disease include heart palpitations and breathlessness, however the most prevalent symptoms of heart disease are angina and heart attacks. Angina Angina occurs as a result of the coronary arteries becoming partially blocked. The resulting feeling is that of a mild chest pain which is often compared to the uncomfortable feeling of indigestion. However, when a severe angina attack occurs this pain can become much more serious and can also be combined with a heaviness and tightness in the centre of the chest which can then spread to other areas…show more content…
If not treated straight away then a heart attack can most certainly be life threatening, and even with immediate treatment it is very possible that the sufferer will be left with extensive damage to the heart muscle. The signs of a heart attack will vary from person to person, however there are some signs that are commonly seen. These include; tightness in the chest, pain in other parts of the body, especially the arms, the back and the abdomen. Like angina the immediate symptoms of heart attacks are often compared to the uncomfortable feeling that comes with indigestion, however, a heart attack cannot be treated with nitrates and the symptoms can persists for longer than 2 minutes. It is possible that a heart attack is simply just a heart attack with no underlying cause except for lifestyle factors. However, in many cases a heart attack is a secondary symptom of a more serious condition such as coronary heart disease. It is possible for a heart attack to occur without any symptoms at all, this is called a silent myocardial infarction and is common in people with diabetes. This is extremely dangerous, as without the symptoms to alert the sufferer to the problem, it is unlikely that they will receive the immediate treatment that they

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