Once There Was A Hushpuppy Analysis

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My trailer begins with the scene of a young girl being taken from her family by a trafficker. This first slightly unsettling scene grabs the attention of the viewer who becomes concerned for the girls well being. This scene represents the background story of the Little Princes as well as all of the other children in Nepal that have been trafficked. The scene portrays their story in a way that is bold enough so that the audience understands the severity of their situation without being too graphic. Thomas Newman's score plays in the background as the scene changes from just the little girl to the hundreds of children who have now been left on the street by their traffickers. The melancholy sounds connect to the children's central conflict of…show more content…
As Connor comes to Nepal the children are now in a different point in their life. They are away from their families and they are going through more then any child should ever have to deal with but yet they are still content. The very first clip of Connor arriving at the Little Princes orphanage immediately demonstrates the connection he has with the children. All of the clips of Connor and the other volunteers playing and interacting with the children show how important the children are to them. In the memoir Little Princes Connor says, "The Children in their hepped-up craziness at seeing me, actually calmed me. It was not just because this was like coming home to family, nor was it because I felt a surge of joy in seeing these twenty little Nepali tornados" (Grennan 112). This quote and the look on Connors face demonstrate not only the ways he was able to help the children but also the enormous way in which they helped him. His inner conflict of not knowing what his purpose in life was, was immediately solved when he met the little princes because he knew there was nowhere in the world that he would rather

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