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The religious traditions of Olmec and modern practice of Judaism are similar in some ways and different in others. They are both religions within a system, but at a completely different scales and with different ideals. The Olmec culture have vanished over 2,000 years ago, while Judaism is still practiced by millions today. Therefore, the understanding of Judaism is much more elaborate compared to what we know about the traditional Olmec culture and religion. The Judaism way of life is to obey the law and atone for sin and their purpose of life is to obey God. For the Olmec, the most important aspect of life was agriculture. Many aspects of the religion of the ancient Olmec people remain a mystery, but archaeologists have made significant…show more content…
Jews believe in the myth of Adam and Eve from the stories of the Bible. They also have seven days of creation: (1) Seperation of light from darkness (2) Seperation of water above and waters below (3) Seperation of land from water (4) Sun, Moon, and Stars (5) Sea creatures and birds (6) Land creatures and man (7) God rested. There is also a messiah in Judaism. This was actually revealed in later Judaism and there is no reference to a messiah in the Torah. Messiahs are believed to be future heroic figures who will rescue the righteous and restore world peace. There is little, or no evidence showing that the Olmec had a strong moral way of life. They believed in sacrificing everything to their gods. Most of the understanding of the Olmec was embodied by their agricultural and crop fertility. Their gods, myths, and rituals were all related to their daily agricultural life. While the Jewish culture practiced the moral law of Torah. This included an emphasis on justice, righteousness, love, kindness, and individual liberty. The Sabbath is practiced by the Jewish to observe the significance of their ideas and moral

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