Okonkwo's Things Fall Apart

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In the book Things Fall Apart we study the life of a man named Okonkwo and the changes he endure in his tribe . The essential question around why we are reading this book is ¨tradition versus change¨ and this is happening every where around us be we see it from Okonkwo's point of view , it's happening to him in many circumstances . Much of the book centers on Umuofia traditions of marriage , burial , and laws . Things fall apart provides many examples of tradition versus change for example , Okonkwo and Lowe's relationship , Okonkwo's character shows us tradition while Nwoye shows us changes . Okonkwo is a very traditional man his strength ,aggressiveness and morals with help him find success as a young man but on the backside his aggressiveness brings on a more negative approach such as him being a hothead ad being impatient . Being strong and aggressive might not be as universally positive as Okonkwo would like it to be . Now a little on Okonkwo's backstory , at 18 he rose to the top of his tribe by…show more content…
Okonkwo's physically violent reaction to hearing about Nwoye being among the Christians is exactly the wrong thing in trying to force Nwoye to stay, he pushes him away. Nwoye, feels mistreated by the old traditions and he naturally moves toward the new option. This represent the change within the
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