Medea Monstrosity Essay

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Literacy of Monstrosity: Medea as a Monstrous Force The overarching idea or concept of monster in fiction cannot be defined as single component but rather a very in-depth, specific, dependent, and multiplex building block. Monster didn’t emerged from just gruesome appearance but also other factors that make the idea of monstrosity appealing to the audience and their desire. In Medea, Medea is viewed as a monstrous force or monster through her actions derived from psychological problems or injuries, feminism, immorality, betrayal, trauma and connection with the gods rather than grotesque appearance. Any one of these alone wouldn’t accurately give a valid interpretation and analysis of Medea in terms of a monstrous force, psychological monster,…show more content…
She is best described as a princess who is subjected to both passion and rage, wife of Jason, granddaughter of Helios, barbarian, clever, formidable and ruthless. Based on her appearance, she seems like a regular princess or sorceress but her psychological state of mind is twisted making her exhibit a few monstrous characteristics. Medea assisted Jason in completing his quest for the Golden Fleece, resulting in killing her own brother in order for them to make their escape across the Mediterranean. She used her powers again to control the daughters of a king and Pelias into murdering their own father. She makes plenty of enemies trying to satisfy Jason and his needs in order for him to accomplish his quest. Because of her actions, many people despised her and she was exiled from her homeland, Colchis. Euripides demonstrated the idea of monstrosity within humanity through the use of Medea’s actions for Jason’s sake ignoring the fact that her actions were destructive and monstrous. Euripides designed Medea as a silent monster who doesn’t present any superficial monstrous characteristics rather than a traditional monster who shows an apparent monster traits like Dracula or Frankenstein with a gruesome and grotesque appearance. Euripides incorporated Medea’s twisted psychological state of mind overwhelming by emotions and lack of morals, her connection with her grandfather, her powers and actions rather than visual fear in order to appeal to the monstrous force or

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