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Wrongful convictions are when someone gets sentenced to serve time whether its prison time or probation and then later they are found to be innocent. I do think that wrongful convictions is a big problem today but I would say that officers are not the only ones to blame. We as a whole can have an impact on the situations because we don’t do all we can. We may know information about a crime and not share it. For starters wrongful convictions can cause a lot of mistrust between communities and officers. They would look at it as injustice and people would not want to come forward with information in the future because they may feel like it doesn’t matter, the judge or jury would make the decision they want to make regardless. Families…show more content…
Once a person gets sentenced to death and it is all said and done there is nothing that can be done to bring them back after they come up as being innocent. We all know that wrongful convictions is a problem in the United States, but the question is what can be done to reduce it? If I was a lawmaker I would create a better way to help protect eyewitnesses that may be at danger. If they testify with guarantees of safety then more eyewitnesses would feel safe enough to come forward. The more eyewitness we get to come forward the better chance we have getting closer to the truth and making sure that the right party is being prosecuted. I will make it where the death penalty would only be for someone who has willingly admitted to the crime that causes for death. If they deny it they will not be sentenced to the death penalty until hard core evidence proves that they are the suspects therefore we could eliminate the amount of wrongful convictions. Also as a lawmaker I will ensure that any officer that is found guilty of wrongful convicting someone because of their race, age, gender, or just because they do not care for them will be fired, sentenced to time themselves, and also they will have to pay restitution to the person. There are some bad seed officers and “sometimes they take unlawful steps to make a conviction” (Martin, D. L. (2001). The Police Role in Wrongful Convictions. Wrongly convicted: Perspectives on failed justice,

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