October Logan Narrative

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As Logan was walking home taking in his “big” victory, he passed through an ally to get home. As he did, out of nowhere he got JUMPED by 6 people! Logan could easily take all of them on but all of the individuals were playing very smart moves. two were holding him down so he wouldn’t move, one was punching his face so he couldn’t see anything, two were stabbing him, and the last guy was choking him out! But Logan had been in training for 17 YEARS so of corse he would know what to do. All he had to do was focus on one person doing one task and stop them from doing it, the two that was holding him down were holding his legs so he kneed one of them in the face and used the same leg to kick the other guy across the ally. Logan very quickly grabbed the person who was choking him and made the person face Logan, he then punched the person in the face which sent him flying, and for the two who were trying to stab him, he simply took the knives away from them and flew them to where the others were. Logan got up without even a scratch, he looked to where the side of the ally he was supposed to go in but another guy popped out of the corner, Logan then put his hands up and was ready ready for combat. Bit all of…show more content…
It was a very long period of time and it was silent. Logan had a plan to use his super speed to take the guy out but right when he moved two fee.... BOOM... the gunshot was fired and a very loud grunt and thump was made... The sound of the gunshot was echoing through the city and it grew more silent. Logan was dead... WITH EXCITEMENT, he was never so happy in his entire life. When Logan had opened his eyes, he had seen his best friend Gavin Lee with his foot on the guy who had the gun. It turns out that the gun shot, but the guy missed when Gavin kicked his neck and the thump was the guy falling down. Anyway Logan ran to Gavin and gave him a really tight hug. "Gavin, thank you so much, I would have died if it wasn't for you

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