Shackled Women: Abuse Of A Patriarchal World: Film Analysis

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Societies across the Globe present us with different views on what may be right or wrong. What is right for one culture may not be right for the other. This matter can most commonly be called “Cultural Relativism”. One problem that has been existing for decades is “Women’s rights”. The film “Shackled Women: Abuses of a Patriarchal World” shows us various examples of just some, but not all of the abuses women face in third world countries such as Africa, Asia, Iran, Bangladesh and many more. The initiation of Women abuses in 3rd world countries happen because it is the most common tradition known. In Bangladesh, women are married off most of the time to men they don’t know or have met just one day earlier. In the film we see an example of a girl women was being forced to marry a man with whom she had just met two days earlier. In India, it is very costly to raise a female child so sometimes when they are born they are killed or starve to death because they are given little healthcare and little…show more content…
The 1960s was an era filled with liberation and women’s rights but this was not the same for women in 3rd world countries. Prostitution was a booming business. Women were sold off and put as sex slaves. If they didn’t meet the days earning requirements or if they resisted they world be tortured, beaten, burned alive, raped, etc. In Southeast Asia prostitution accounts for abut 14% of the countries gross domestic product. With that child prostitution has been a raising problem around the world accounting for about 10 million female prostitutes, and every year there about 11 million more. Many of these women have no option or say over this matter. Since males are the predominant sex in many of these 3rd world countries, women’s opinions don’t matter to anyone. This booming problem led to birth control, domestic violence and genital

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