Juggling Persuasive Speech

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Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how to juggle. Imagine you are at a party on a Saturday night with all of your friends and one of them suggests that everyone should start juggling. Everybody is excited about this wonderful idea except for you. All of your friends start finding three objects to juggle and some even find four, while you sit in the corner watching everyone laugh and have a great time without you. You then get too upset to stay at the party and end up leaving, because you do not want people to realize that you do not know how to juggle. This is pretty much the worst nightmare for anyone who has ever been in this situation, but it does not have to happen to you, because juggling is not that hard if you start practicing these few easy steps.…show more content…
Beginner jugglers should definitely start with something small, Spherical, and not too heavy. The first thing that comes to mind for me is a tennis ball. Once you have a found a tennis ball or other type of ball you will want to place that ball in the palm of your hand. Throw the ball up with a slight arc about two and a half feet in the air and then catch the ball with the hand that you did not throw with. Repeat this step with the other hand, throwing the ball the same way you did the first time but into the original starting hand. You will want to repeat this step until you are able to throw the ball back and forth between hands with your eyes closed. This step may take a couple of minutes, but it could also take a couple of hours. Once you have mastered this step you are already one third of the way done on your journey to becoming a professional

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