OPPO Case Study: Customer Service Encounter

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1. Customer Service Encounter 1.1 Service Encounter I went to an OPPO outlet to get several phone covers of different phone models. When I entered the store, I was approached immediately by a staff with a smile. She inquired if I needed help with anything. I told her the models of the phone covers I need while maintaining eye contact with me. She then took the covers and passed it to me promptly. I went home after the purchase and realised I got the wrong phone case of one phone model. I went back to OPPO the next day, hoping for an exchange or a refund. Upon reaching the store, the same staff attended to me. She told me that they did not have the model of the phone cover and refunded me the money. Before leaving the store, the staff inquired if I had any other things that I need. I asked the price of the earpiece, and the staff hinted to me that it would be more worth it if I were to get…show more content…
Smartphones are high-involvement products as customers will return to the shop for repairs and servicing. Adding on, OPPO has recently established themselves in the smartphone market, indicating customers have been increasing and to provide better services to the customers, they will have to maintain a system of customer’s data to be able to update them with the latest models. There is also steep skew for OPPO as they are mainly dealing with smartphones which are priced competitively in the market, and if they were to lose customers, their revenue will be affected. Also, customers who buy the smartphone will not change it frequently unless it has been damaged, indicating that the customers have a strong commitment to the product which increases the chance for OPPO to cross-sell items like phone covers. Hence, OPPO does benefit from implementing a CRM

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