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Patient non-compliance is a serious healthcare concern that poses a great challenge to the successful delivery of healthcare. This is widespread and has been reported from all over the world.(Zieger A, 2010). According to a study by the New England Healthcare Institute, one-third to one-half of the American patients are noncompliant (Zieger A, 2010). Patient non-compliance is not only limited to the failure to take medication , but also the failure to make lifestyle changes, culture, undergo tests or keep appointments with physicians. The non-compliant patients especially with chronic diseases like Diabetes are more prone to encountering serious difficulties.The rate of non-compliance in patients with chronic diseases in developed countries, on long-term treatment, is on the order of 50%This…show more content…
As further demonstration of the stigmatization of diabetes, many refer to individuals with diabetes as “diabetic patients,” instead of “persons with diabetes.” Typical regimen of pregnant women include rice, pasta, carbonated drinks and variety of snack which contain carbohydrates mostly. The temptation to consume these foods was considered a major obstacle to adherence. Dealing with the urge to consume tempting and available food is extremely difficult. Consuming prohibited foods following such craving has been associated with reactions such as anger, fear of harming the fetus, guilt, loss of appetite, and low dietary intake. Some pregnant women claims that their typical diet according to cultural conventions is excluded from the recommended food. Patients have also argued that the list of food items obtained from the nutritionist did not contain accurate instructions about consumption, nutritional information, or alternative foods incorporating cultural dietary

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